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The Process – from Design to Realisation

The entire design process is streamlined through parametric design. This simplifies the customization of the bridge to meet your specific requirements and local building regulations. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of railings, decking, lighting, and surface treatments, without being limited to a specific material.

The custom configuration results into 2D and 3D drawings which give you a clear insight into the appearance of the bridge, the axle loads on the foundations, estimated budget and the carbon footprint.

In the manufacturing process, we establish high-quality standards and ensure transparent traceability. We deliver the bridge to the construction site and, in consultation with the customer, also handle its assembly.

Bridge Types


Our truss bridges combine modern design and technology. Thanks to our parametric design, we can quickly and easily adapt the bridge to your specific requirements, keeping maximum clearance height and durability in mind. We offer two variants with a strong focus on aesthetics. Additionally, we provide custom lighting that adds both functionality and architectural value. You also have the option to personalize the bridge with perforated panels or wooden cladding. The individual components can be transported separately, simplifying logistics.


Designed using advanced techniques, we offer two types of plate girder bridges that are parametrically designed, allowing us to easily adapt them to your specific requirements. These emphasize both aesthetics and technical optimization, ensuring that the bridge not only has a modern and elegant appearance but also offers structural efficiency. Customized lighting not only adds functionality safety but also contributes to the architectural value. We offer this bridge in classic S355 steel as well as in weather-resistant steel. Additionally, you have the option to choose a modular composite deck consisting of pultruded deck planks. Our plate girder bridges are also efficiently transportable.


This slender beam bridge is suitable for spans ranging from 6 to 25 meters. You can choose between a hybrid structure consisting of (steel and pultruded composite deck planks) or solid composite, where we offer vacuum infusion technology. The parapets can be customized with the assistance of architects, or you can choose from standard designs for the architectural appearance.


This golf bridge or park bridge is constructed from composite material, using vacuum infusion technology. This method is known for its even resin distribution and strong mechanical properties. Composite bridges require minimal maintenance and are easy to transport and assemble. Due to its very light weight, we can offer simplified abutments here, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

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BEST– a promise kept in every aspect of our work.

We aim for profitability and cost efficiency through the development of four standardized bridge types that can be flexibly customized to suit individual preferences and architectural requirements.

Time & Cost Efficient

BestBridges parametric models maximize efficiency and minimize cost through all phases design, fabrication & installation. It simplifies the fabrication process which results in a speedy delivery process.


The parametrizable model implies built-in flexibility to accommodate a palette of parameters like span, width, or height.

Architecturally Appealing

Our bridges are customizable at will. Railings, lighting and flooring impacts the architectural aspect of the bridge. This creates an architectural surplus value without extra costs.

Single Point of Contact

We provide a single point of contact for design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. By overseeing every aspect in-house, we minimize interfaces, reducing complications and risks. This comprehensive service model ensures a cost-effective and hassle-free project execution.

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At BestBridges, Sustainability is our Second Nature.

A BestBridge has a smart, optimised design which has a direct effect on the quantity of raw materials, the fabrication cost, the corrosion protection and maintenance of the bridge.

The adaptability of the parapets and floor plates improves interchangeability, transport, assembly/dismantling and reuse. This results in reducing the carbon footprint, smart maintenance and extending the lifetime.

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